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modern extension using cedar cladding and corten steel

South Oxfordshire


South Oxfordshire

Refurbishment and Extension

Stage: Complete

This was an amazing project to work on, we certainly had some challenges along the way with the effects of covid 19 on the supply chain. However with some thorough attention to detail throughout the whole project, we managed to deliver something with real wow factor. The Corten cladding proved to be much more of a challenge than anyone had realised at the start of the project – although I feel that this may be one of the projects most striking features.   


One of the main challenges of this project was marrying a very modern extension with lots of straight lines and glass, to a 17th century listed property, which shall we say wasn’t so plumb and straight. A lot of consideration had to be given to not only how to connect the two buildings together, but also achieving that connection as seamlessly as possible. Another challenge was getting the detailing right, often with designs that are very minimal there is a risk that they can just look plain. We introduced a shadow gap detail at every junction between walls and floors and walls and glazing so we could maintain the clean crisp lines of the extension. Working with new materials and systems and integrating them into the structure of the building. 

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